United Kingdom

Thanks to Wonderfood you can now easily have access to a variety of British products. Ranging from marmalades to biscuits and drinks… We have numerous partnerships with well established brands and plenty of original products. Giving you the opportunity to “brit-up” your shelves with what Britain has best to offer, and all of that at very friendly prices!

United States of America

The United States have always been on the forefront of innovation, and their cuisine is no exception. Because American food is extremely popular on our side of the Atlantic we offer you an abundance and wide range of products from the most emblematic brands in America, in order for you to satisfy your customers thirst for the new world’s food. Wonderfood brings you a world of American products just one click away from your business.


The latest addition to our collection of around the world products is the Bab Salam range. A well rounded assortment of thirty products ranging from Tajine sauces, ready to cook sauces and couscous to salad dressings, giving everybody the possibility to easily prepare delicious and authentic Moroccan dishes.


Swedish oatmeal biscuits and mueslis' reputation is mostly owed to Gille. Their authentic taste and variety of flavors is a unique mix of traditional recipes and constant research for improvement throughout the years. That's why we believe that importing their products is a great opportunity for Belgians to discover this genuine culinary pleasure!


More and more of our dutch friends are crossing the border every year, either to live or just to spend some quality time in Belgium. Therefore we decided to help them feel more at home by importing a variety of popular dutch products.


The popularity of Nachos and fajitas is undeniable, and what they have in common is that they are both part of the “Tex-Mex” cuisine. Thanks to our partnership with Ricos, wonderfood gives you access to a broad range of authentic and savoury Texan products.

Dietetic food

With the increase in consumers demand for quality and tasty dietetic food, we at Wonderfood, have decided to help you answer to that growing demand by selecting two pioneers of the dietetic business, Weight Watchers® & Dukan®. They both sponsor a variety of products with innovative and original recipes to suit all tastes.