7UP has been the original lemon & lime soft drink since 1929, it's an internationally renowned brand, and thanks to Wonderfood you can now discover new and unique flavors like the 7Up Cherry, Tropical or 7Up Mojito. Enough to impress your friends during your aperitives or just to enjoy by yourself!

Bab Salam

Bab Salam is the newest addition to the variety of delicious products we offer at Wonderfood. A full range of sauces and ready-to-eat salads inspired by Moroccan cuisine to help you prepare delicious and authentic dishes such as couscous in the blink of an eye !

Bakery on Main

Looking for a healthier diet? Start by the most important meal of the day: breakfast! The Bakery On Main range of cereals and granola is rich in fiber and Omega-3, as well as being Gluten-free and non-GMO certified.

Betty Crocker

Looking for an ally to help in the preparation of brownies, super chocolate chip cookies or blueberry muffins? You've found Betty Crocker! Whatever the occasion, there is always a mix to have fun with, without breaking a sweat!

Border Biscuits

Over 100 million cookies sold annually and a choice of over 30 delicious cookies, each of them made with a unique recipe and baked with great care: the most delicious part of your day. The Borders biscuits do not only taste good but also look good, which is why they are nicely packed in a see-through box to make your mouth water before having even opened it.


Cadbury is the most iconic confectionery in the United Kingdom. Created in 1824, its chocolate has been appreciated by millions of consumers worldwide for almost two centuries. That is why we chose to bring you the best of what the brand has to offer. For example the Cadbury “Curly Wurly”, that will enchant you with its caramel heart covered in delicious chocolate. Not to mention Cadbury “Flake”, made exclusively with the crumbliest and flakiest chocolate!


This range of delicious English table crackers is the ideal basis to seduce your guests with delicious appetizers!

Chips Ahoy

Chips Ahoy is the second largest cookie seller in the US, their cookies are famed across the Atlantic for their irresistible taste and crunchy chocolate. At Wonderfood we decided to bring you the original "blue bag" that has made the brand's reputation.

Coca-Cola / Fanta

At Wonderfood we don't sell the classic Coca-Cola or Fanta Orange but only original and new flavors to discover. In order to satisfy the thirst for Vanilla coke of the numerous fans that have struggled to recover from the disappearance of the product in Europe we have managed to obtain the product directly from the producer in the US! On the Fanta side, we have plenty of original and rare drinks for you to succumb to: exotic fruits, blackcurrant, and many more.


A landmark in the British sauce making business, Colman's offers a high quality English mustard as well as more traditional British sauces like the "mint" or "horseradish" sauce.

Dorset Cereals

Is there anything better than Dorset Cereals to power up your breakfast or snacks? They offer a variety of products that all have one thing in common: the concern for original and unique flavors. Wake up every morning to take a journey through the delicious world of Dorset products.


These are iconic brands in the United States! Needless to present Dr Pepper, the oldest soda brand in the US. A fine mix of 23 flavours, it comes in several varieties (Original, Zero, Cherry) and in different formats. As for the other two, despite their misleading names, they are soft drinks. The first, A&W Root Beer appeared in North America in the early 20th century and reveals flavours of vanilla and licorice; the second brings the flavour of ginger that will awaken all your senses!


We offer a variety of tasty products from the high-protein revolutionary diet created by Dr. Dukan, ranging from biscuits and snacks to ready-to-eat meals and sauces. The diet, if followed carefully, has proven to be extremely efficient with a very fast weight loss effect : 8 out of 10 people reach their goal in seven months or less !


The delicious variety of Swedish oatmeal-based biscuits from Gille made the Swedish cookies renowned worldwide. At Wonderfood we offer you a choice of three flagship products of the master biscuitier, so that your customers can have magic and delicious tea breaks with a taste of Sweden's best.

Ginger People

Established in 1984, the Ginger People embarked on the mission of producing the world's best range of ginger products. Thanks to them we bring you the best of organic ginger: soft, with a tenderness that strikes by its perfect balance between spicy and sweet. These succulent, tender cubes of premium organic crystallized ginger can charm you as a snack or as a pleasing baking ingredient.


Heinz may well be a world-famous company, the brand is nowhere as strong as in the UK! Consumer studies have shown that Heinz is one of the most popular brands in the country and in which the British trust the most. The plant of Kitt Green near Wigan is Europe's biggest food factory and is where they make the traditional Baked Beans, soups, and other products that we import for your best interest.

Jack Daniel's

Whether it is for their whiskey-flavored sauces with exotic spices that transform any traditional barbecue into a feast, or their chocolate-wrapped candy made with the eponymous whiskey, the Jack Daniel's products we offer at Wonderfood are there to help you enjoy delicious and unforgettable moments !


What more confusing than a Twiglet? We must admit the rookies will struggle to appreciate its taste from the first bite but we have in Belgium an ever growing consumer community and we now sell one pack a minute. On the other hand we do also have the excellent Jacob's cream crackers made from simple ingredients that are a great complement to any good cheese platter !

Jelly Belly

From its beginning in 1976, with its eight "original flavors" the iconic brand of Californian candy has made its way through time. There are, to date, fifty different tastes which you can choose from, each more tasty and original than the other.



Mc Vitie's

One of the most iconic brands of English cookies, perfect with a cup of tea, or as a basis for your cakes and other pastries.

Plochmans / Cholula

Cholula hot sauce is a brand of chili-based sauces, made in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, and licensed by José Cuervo. The product is packaged in a glass bottle sealed by their iconic round wooden cap coming in various colors. At Wonderfood we bring you a trio of their best sauces: the Original, Chipotle and Chili Garlic .

Reeses / Hershey's

Delicious peanut butter American sweets covered in chocolate.


Delicious Ricos ingredients that come in kits to help you easily prepare Tex-Mex specialties.

Roses / Robertson

When it comes to marmalade, Rose is the brand with the freshness and alternative taste. It has been appreciated by our British friends at a rate of 100 million toasts per year for the last six decades. This traditional jam brand, with unique colors, flavors and packaging differs from the others and powers up your breakfast in a fruity way.


With more than 210 million Skittles produced every day worldwide, "the rainbow candy" has been a delicious success for over 30 years! Enjoy a brand new range of candy bags with original flavors such as "crazy sour", "tropical", "wild berry" and many more.


For generations, Snyder's pretzels have been shared across tables, across generations, and the world. Snyder’s pretzels give you that delicious crunch for the perfect snack. Everyone in the world deserves the chance to enjoy authentic satisfaction straight from the heart of Hanover, Pennsylvania.


What's more representative of the American snack than a peanut butter sandwich? At Wonderfood we've selected one of the leaders on the UK market with a unique recipe and cooking method that gives it a stronger flavor and a nice creamy texture.

Turin / Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker is almost two centuries of experience in the making of great whiskeys and known worldwide for the quality of their products. At Wonderfood we recognize this and hence give you the opportunity to enjoy Johnnie Walker's premium whiskey coated in delicious dark chocolate from the master-chocolatier Turin, for a truly stunningly delicious result !


Iconic tea brand, Twinings was founded in 1706 by Thomas Twinings and is the official supplier of the British Royal palace since 1837. The company has nothing to prove, neither the nobility nor the quality of its products with more than three centuries of constant improvement and innovations. Therefore at Wonderfood we chose to bring you both the major success as well as some rarer and less known Twinings products. But all sharing the same high standard for a perfect tea !

Vertmont / Mic Mac

Wonderfood has been working for years with Vertmont and Mic Mac for their Canadian maple syrup. This 100% pure maple syrup flavors your pastries successfully (excellent on pancakes or waffles).

Walkers Shortbread

With over 100 years of experience in the making of delicious shortbreads and biscuits, the Walker brand is internationally renowned for the quality and authencity of their products. Walker is the first food exporter in Scotland and it owes its success to their unique recipes that originated in 1898. Constantly improved over the years, these recipes result in a delicious biscuit that bring you right back to the Scottish Highlands.

Weight Watchers

World leader and pioneer in “weight loss" diet products. At Wonderfood we offer you a wide variety of healthy and delicious Weight Watcher products, ranging from ready-to-cook meals to snacks, biscuits and sauces. From now on, there is no more need to sacrifice tastiness in order to eat healthier !

Wild West Beef Jerky

Meat lovers who can't afford to barbecue when they want to should not look any further. This is what Wild West Jerky products are for, its beef packs with varied seasonings let you take and enjoy your favorite carnivorous snacks whenever and wherever you want !