Wonderfood stands out as one of the leading companies in the ethnic food import-export business in the Benelux. To date, we work with big retail companies as well as with smaller grocery stores and gas stations across the Benelux and Europe. The Wonderfood staff is always on the lookout for the best products to satisfy our customers.

Wonderfood offers a wide variety of popular products, selected by a professional and qualified team that offers you the following services:

product Sourcing

Wonderfood has over time established very good relations with numerous partners worldwide, and with a staff always available to provide you with any products you seek. We can constantly offer you the latest novelties around the world you desire on you shelves.

Delivery D+1:

Thanks to our vehicle fleet and partners, we can deliver any merchandise you require on a daily basis. To compliment that service we also have a logistic team looking after the good process of every order and delivery on both a national and international scale.


Besides a delivery in D+1, our well trained and experienced team of merchandisers will take care of setting up the products on your shelves and make them look neat and appealing to your customers


Thanks to our warehouse of more than 2500m² and with an adapted fleet of vehicles, we can deliver you more than 750 referenced products throughout the whole year.


Wonderfood participates in all the majors’ food fairs across the globe to discover the latest novelties in order to keep your customers always excited with our wide range of products from all around the world.


To promote the products we distribute, we regularly organise and set-up tastings and promotions stand in major supermarkets we work with. It’ll be our pleasure to highlight the merits of our products to your customers!